Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Projects completed so far....

So if you remember, I posted this list in the beginning of July of projects I wanted to complete. I am still working through my list, and actually had another added that I forgot to list-- SOAP MAKING! I have been wanting to do this for a long time now, and just recently got the nerve to do it, thanks to having another friend that is like minded in these sort of endeavors. We had a great time making it today, and I will show the finished product as soon as its cut...but for now, here it is in it's current state...the gel stage:

I can't wait to use it. It contains lots of great oils- olive, coconut, palm and shea butter. There are NO chemicals or anything else added. The next batch we are going to add some essential oils...

Ok, so with only about a week and a half left in the month, here's my updated to do list...the things I have done are crossed off....and a few things were actually added in that will push a couple of my projects over to the next month's to do's...

*Get that garden planted! I dont know exactly how much time we have left to plant anything (as I am not green thumb inclined LOL) but we need to plant something this summer...going to do some searching on this but if anyone who reads this knows if I still have some time or a link to a schedule of things that can be planted in my zone and the dates that plant up until...leave me a comment! (finally got cool enough to plant the garden this past Sunday (the 18th) I am working on getting our projected harvest dates on the calendar also)

*Clean out school room closet- This has been a thorn in my side for a while and I am really looking forward to getting this done.**IN PROCESS I actually went ahead and started cleaning out the WHOLE school room instead..the closet will be done AFTER since moving things around seemed like a better idea :P I am creating a "teaching wall" where our maps, white board, and reference charts will go, as well as a place for a table and our bulletin boards. I'll share pics when I am finished with it.

*Clean out hall closet- I am hoping to convert this from a coat/storage closet to a toy closet. I plan on putting in some shelves and whatever fits in there stays, whatever doesn't, goes!

*Organize toys- see above-
This was actually a great project for all the toys are neat and orderly and ready to play with, without being in our school room or in the kids rooms only to be left out and readily accessible. With them put away in the closet, I can easily regulate them ;) This closet goes 3 feet it holds a lot of stuff , and I havent gotten everything in it yet. The board games will all be out of reach of the 2 and 5 yr olds...I am really not liking stepping on monopoly houses ;p


*Sew fitted/pre-fold diapers for baby- she is growing out of her prefolds fast and I NEED to get these done this month. I will hopefully have my 2 yr old completely potty trained this month, and with that means saving money since I dont use cloth on him anymore.

**Paint Little Kids room. I have my youngest son moved in with his sister in her cotton candy pink room..nuff said ;)
          ** Sew Taggie Blanket for Baby A

So as of today, I need to finish up the school room...or at least put a big dent in the work in there....organizing books and getting things where I want them in there, and sewing is a big to do. Problem is, I am NOT an experienced seamstress and that will take me a while to figure out...but I have been practicing off and on and think I can get some of it done with no problem...we'll see. Will post pics of any of those completed projects as well!

Have a great day!

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