Thursday, July 29, 2010

And she finally sews something useful....

Yup, I did it. Finally. My machine cooperated and I was actually able to whip something up in a couple of hours today.
I have issues. I get bored and impatient very quickly...especially with crafts but this one was instant gratification. It was very easy to put together, and it helped that I found an excellent tutorial for beginners....this blog really had great step by step directions.  

For those of you who dont know what its called, its a Taggie blanket. This site sells them for a small fortune. I have lots of flannel on hand (for those diapers I am supposed to be sewing) and bought a few yards of coordinating ribbon. The total for this blanket was under $3.00 for me. Seems like a good deal, eh?

And here is the finished product!

Is this for me?

Oh, straight to the mouth, just like everything else when you are 7 months old :)

 Now that is what its for! Thanks, Mom.

Just another thing crossed off my list of to do's for July, but this one was far more rewarding than the rest. The closet just doesnt smile at me the way she does :)

Until next time..


  1. Awesome! She is so adorable. Oh, and you've made other useful things. We love our aprons!

  2. It's adorable! Nice job getting more acquainted with your sewing machine! Go you!

  3. Haha, I forgot about those aprons! I am surprised they haven't fallen apart yet! LOL I owe you some better ones just as soon as I get better at this sewing thing ;)

  4. I love the colors on it! You ought to sell some!


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