Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update on Garden Plans!

I just found out that the septic system is on the other side of the house and that its safe to plant in the ground! It was going to be almost impossible for hubby to have time to make planter boxes for me, so I am sooo glad I can go ahead and start working the land to get it ready! We live on an acre and a half, so the septic is a good distance away from where our garden will be :)

Now, to figure out where to put this little precious thing while I do that work?

Any ideas? LOL


  1. On your back, like a papoose? :)

    Yay for your news! :)

  2. A pack-n-play and a big sun umbrella?

    That's awesome that you can plant!
    in the ground - makes things much easier. :-)


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