Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More alternatives to deodorant and coming soon....

Just a tip I thought I would share for those of you without the ingredients I posted for deodorant:

If you are unable to make the deodorant recipes I posted here or here , you can use baby powder, cornstarch or just plain baking soda as an alternative to deodorant! Some days I prefer the powders over the cream deodorants, especially when I am going out and will sweat more. The powder seems to control perspiration much better.

Some other projects I am working on:

I am going to make some hair lotion today for my daughter, will post the recipe later today or tomorrow along with pics of her hair :) She is a true curly girl! I stopped using shampoo on her as well and her hair is doing great :) I do still use conditioner for now, but only about once a week. Her hair is really dry and needs something until I make up her hair lotion.

I am also sewing together some canvas storage boxes for our school room. I am a beginner in the sewing department, so these will not be posted for some time, but wanted to share some of the other things I am working on besides health and beauty stuff...there is more to my frugality than that! LOL

What else? Oh I am going to cut out ALL high fructose Corn syrup out of our diets! This article really made me realize how we should become more self-sufficient with growing our own foods and making things from those foods. Soon I will be sharing frugal recipes, our garden plans, plans for chickens, and my canning skills...or lack there of...all in the next few weeks :)

Ok gotta run and get my day started! Have a blessed day!

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