Friday, January 30, 2009

Cloth for Mom?

Using Cloth diapers is something I thought I would never be interested in. That is until I was on a homeschool board where a lot of moms were discussing it, and of course, the researcher in me started looking into it. I found many reasons to use cloth, and cost effectiveness was one of the main ones. Needless to say, after my 3rd child I decided to give it a try.

Website after website had these cute, colorful fluffy diapers. I was intrigued by the way that they worked and glad to know that they weren't really that gross to deal with. The frugal mom in me wanted to use cloth simply because it was cost-effective and the natural appeal of cloth drew me to using it as well . The patterns and colors of some were nice but I opted to just get the plain prefolds and white covers. Now if I start making my own, we'll talk about fabrics and cuteness ;)

Now in the midst of all the cloth diaper talk, I found out that there was such a thing as "Mama Cloth" or cloth menstrual pads. I won't go into too much details with the care of them here, you can do you own research, but the benefits from using them are supposed to be much better than commercially made products. I made my first one today and it was very easy. Its not the prettiest thing, but I am new to sewing so I was practicing before I really get to making a large amount of them on good fabric. Think my husband will miss his flannel jammie bottoms? LOL

If you want more info on how to make your own check out this site here or these are the ones I made today ;) I hope to make the ones here though,just as soon as I get some cute fabric ;) This site has a WEALTH of knowledge and patterns also.

Even if you are in no way going to switch over to using mama cloth, I hope I was able to spark some kind of interest in you to look at those things you use over and over again in your household, and to find ways to be both natural and frugal.

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  1. I've thought about it. I NEED a sewing machine. I have such a heavy cycle and I hear that they help lessen that.


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