Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 3- No poo update

I am just starting my 3rd week of going no-poo and a lot has changed since last week. My hair is no longer as greasy at the scalp or dry on the ends. It seems to finally be settling down a bit. Last week I told you all that I started using conditioner...well I quickly dropped it after noticing an increase in oils again and itchiness. I am beginning to think I am allergic to one or more of the chemicals in shampoo and conditioner and if going no-poo doesn't work out for me, I'm gonna have to figure something else out. BUT for now, it seems to be going great! Got past what I think is the "icky" stage of no-poo (from what I have read anyways) and just used up my first 21 oz bottle of vinegar/lavender/tea tree oil rinse today (so that cost me maybe $0.50 for 2 weeks worth?)

One thing that I tried this week that is ABSOLUTELY wonderful is a brown sugar scalp scrub. Oh my....that was awesome. It took care of some flakiness and just felt great. All you do is get a tablespoon or two of honey and add about 2 tbsps or so of brown sugar on top of the honey. DON'T mix it until you are going to use it though, the brown sugar will dissengrate and not be much of a scrub. I washed my hair with baking soda as usual, flipped my head over and applied the honey/brown sugar mixture to my scalp. I have a lot of hair and its heavy....so this way I was really able to get it worked in there. After I was done I let it sit on there while i used the rest of the scrub for my face and body...talk about a great exfoliater! I think this will be a wonderful once a week treatment for the hair! The brown sugar is the exfoliant and the honey is a humectant. I really noticed the difference in my hair after I used it.

OH and btw, I CUT my own hair. Am I crazy, probably, but it was WAY too long and a friend of mine does her own and her hair is beautiful, so I went for it. I MAY be brave enough to show pics tomorrow....we'll see ;)

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  1. The scrub is a neat idea. I bet is smelled good too! You *will* show pics of your new do btw ;) LOL


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