Friday, July 2, 2010

First Project for the Month of July

This month I plan to work on several projects, and planting a garden is the first on my list. Last year around this time things were much to hectic to get a garden growing (I was just getting over having morning sickness and hubs was trying to hold down the housework for me) but this year we are looking forward to getting something planted!

We actually have waited till now because there has been some apprehension in planting in our ground again. We have a septic system and were not sure of how that works with contamination as far as the leach lines, so we've just been searching into alternative methods instead of taking the chance of having our food be contaminated. We've planted on the land before, so not completely concerned, but thought we'd just use a different method this year while I still look into it.

Thanks to Kristi at Let This Mind Be in You, I learned yesterday that its not too late to plant a garden and now know WHAT we can plant and WHEN! I am hoping to get something in the ground this weekend and then again in Aug for cool weather veggies. Thanks for that info Kristi!

So the goal is to plant these things in July(and I am using SEED not plants, so we'll see if they produce in time!):

   ~Tomatoes (3 kinds- Roma, Beefsteak, and endless summer (cherry).

  ~ Eggplant



   ~Lima Beans  (my hubs fav- yuck!)

   ~Watermelon (this surprised me, I thought it was way too late..but I guess not!)
 Now whether I use an above ground square foot garden or pots is still undecided. I may just throw the seeds in the air and let them land and plant at will! LOL! THAT would be a real experiment!

Our Fall garden will be much larger (and better planned) and the kids and I will be starting some of the seeds indoors now as an experiment for fun : )

I am hoping we'll have some success, but if not, it won't be too much of a loss since I have some great info now to get us started for many gardens to come :)


  1. You are so welcome! Glad you guys are able to use the info! :) know, we have gophers on our property, so I have to use raised beds, lined with 1/2" hardware cloth. Todd is working on my second one this weekend. I wonder if you guys could do something like that, only line it with something else?

    Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

  2. Haha, we have gophers, rabbits, squirrels..all kinds of critters that like to eat our harvest! LOL I dont mind letting them have some..but when they get greedy, its time to break out the bb gun ;)

    Really tho, I have some weed control "fabric" that I will line on the bottom of the planter box, so that should help to keep it all contained. Have you tried to use chicken wire under to keep the gophers out?
    I am hoping to get one box done soon and then work on a couple more to plant things in Aug!


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