Monday, May 10, 2010

Bulk cooking day...

So much for blogging every day in, I have been very productive outside of this blog. One thing that I have been doing is planning a bulk cooking day. I am learning to eat a more balanced diet, also known as the Insulin Resistance Diet, but its hard when I am in a hurry to make sure that I have a fast protein on hand to eat along with some fruit or whatever carb I happen to grab, so freezer cooking seems to be the answer for me at this time.  Today, I started doing some of my cooking, but since I have a pretty full plate during the day as it is with homeschooling and 4 children, I decided to break down my cooking into chunks. I also have a friend that will be joining me at the end of the month (hopefully!) to share meals with and ideas!

This is what I have done so far this morning:

*Stuck 2 lbs of beans into the crockpot this a.m to freeze into 2 cup portions for lunches and to add to dinners.

*Baked 10 lbs of potatoes to shred and dice and stick into freezer bags for those big Sunday morning breakfasts, middle of the week days that Daddy's off work and wants food ;p, and stews, soups, and whatever I might need. Just saves me a lot of time when things are already busy.

*Baked chicken breasts. These will be chopped up and used in things like chicken fried rice, salads, and chicken tacos during the week for lunches for the kids and I.

*Boiled a dozen eggs. Used a few for egg salad sandwiches for lunch today, but the rest will go into the fridge for myself when I need a quick source of protein when I am hungry or needing some for a snack that contains carbs. Also, will be handy when out and about.

Still have left to do:

*Brown Rice. Going to cook a whole bag (think its a lb?) and freeze into half cup portions for individual servings.

* Yogurt- need to make a half gallon today to strain into greek yogurt and will make another half gallon on Wed for more. We go through a lot of yogurt when its strained so I am up to making about a gallon a week. Its really good for a mid day snack when you I am starved and has lots of needed protein.

*Chop up veggies for salads for half the week. I will probably need to go out and buy more produce and milk soon, so will just chop up what I have here now.

All of that is being done in the middle of school, baby nursing, phone calls from hubby etc, so you can tell its simple and easy and isnt taking me a ton of time. I will say that just having these things done will definitely SAVE me more time than it did to make it and that is going to be great.

Have a great Monday!

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