Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I always welcome a New Year and the new beginnings that come with it. In my house, it means starting the year off right with new habits wanting to be met, or breaking old habits that need to be left in the prior year. One thing I love with each New Year is tradition. Since my hubby is from the south and loves to eat, traditions centered around food are are of the upmost importance here in this

On New Years day we ALWAYS have a Turkey dinner. It never fails. My hubby wants to have his last "Thanksgiving dinner" hoorah and I am happy to oblige so long as I don't have to cook another turkey for a while (at least until next Nov. LOL).

There are many frugal advantages to having turkey today and here are a few that I like to take advantage of:

  • Sales on Turkeys during Thanksgiving. I always buy an extra one for New Years day and sometimes another depending on my freezer space. This year I only bought one extra but that is because they were both over 20 lbs each (24lbs to be exact!) and I am trying to keep my freezer space available for any deals I come across. Each turkey cost approx only $6.00 a peice and will last for SEVERAL meals this week and all I needed to do was spend $50 at the grocery store to get that price.
  • Dieting. I know I am always going to be one of those "New Years dieters" so what is better than turkey while you are dieting? There's turkey salads, soups, turkey I need to go on? It makes my first few days a no-brainer when dieting and I can concentrate on making sure I yeah ;)
  • Leftovers. Hubby is happily fed for a few days and I don't have to cook ..nuff said.
I'll be posting some of my frugal recipes this week to show what we do with the Turkey after the first day. Have a Happy New Year!

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