Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu for this week..

I haven't been able to post the past few days, my dd was sick and running a fever since Friday. All seems to be well now....pray the other 2 don't get sick. We usually go in sequence around here with sickness which is much better than them all sick at the same time! LOL
Now for my menu. I am making a menu out of what I have already in my freezer and pantry but I have lots of food on hand for the most part. I have only $6.00 left in my budget for the month until I go shopping on Sat and I will need to get some potatoes and a few other little things ;)


Monday- BBQ Tri-tip (crockpot), oven sweet potato fries, baked beans
Tuesday- Chicken Pot Pie, green salad
Wednesday- Spaghetti, green salad, garlic bread
Thursday- Taco night
Friday- Crockpot chicken, HM mac and cheese, carrots
Saturday- Chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, green beans
Sunday- Chili beans, rice, and cornbread,

I had to switch my meals around to accommodate what I need to use up (salad greens, sweet potatoes) and what I have/dont have. I normally have a certain day for a certain kind of meal but this will work for now.
I'm going to just list out our breakfasts and lunches because I am running short on time this a.m.


Pancakes w/butter and maple syrup, bananas, milk
Hard Boiled eggs, toast, juice
Oatmeal, fruit, milk
Scrambled eggs w/ cheese, toast, juice
smoothies, muffins
Bacon, eggs, grits, toast, fried potatoes
cereal, milk, fruit

leftovers (Chicken pot pie (making an extra one for lunch) , Lentils from Sunday night)
Taco Salad
Grilled Cheese
Egg Salad Sandwiches
Spaghetti Macaroni

Look for a "Baking day" this week sometime! Happy Menu Planning!

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  1. Lovely menu!! Sounds right up my alley. I need another baking day, too! My Saturday AM was cut short by sick kiddos. :/


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