Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Low Carb Noodless Lasagna

I tweaked a few recipes I found online and came up with this. Its really good. You dont even notice the noodles are missing. I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce last week as part of a bulk cooking session because I knew I wanted to make this. I also made one pan with noodles for my family the same night. Add a salad on the side and you have a great low carb meal!

So these pics were taken AFTER I dug into it, so not the best but I wanted you to see what it looks like as opposed to NOT having a picture LOL I made it into layers, just as I would regular lasagna. One layer of meat sauce, one of ricotta mixture.

Recipe: (makes an 8x8 pan)

Ricotta mixture:

15 oz carton of ricotta cheese
2 eggs
approx 4 oz of  mozzarella cheese

Mix all together and set aside.

Meat Sauce:

1lb of ground beef (I use grass fed sirloin)
whatever spaghetti sauce you use and however much you want LOL
Mix those together and put a layer on the bottom of your pan

Next layer with some of the ricotta mixture
and repeatt again with the meat sauce
Add the final layer of ricota and then add about 4 more oz of mozzerella and a bit of parmesan cheese to top it off.

Bake at 350 for about 40-50 mins and let cool a bit before serving. (I let mine overcook a little hence the reason the cheese is a bit dark, but that doesnt bother me.)

This makes generous portions, so can even be frozen in individual servings for meals later. I decided that since I had some busy days ahead of me that I would just leave it out in the fridge to eat for several meals.


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