Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

So I have been working on our summer schedule, and of course, starting getting ADHD and am revamping our cleaning schedule a bit. I am still having a "room a day" of sorts, but am breaking down what is done in those rooms each week in addition to just basic daily cleaning. Here's what I have done so far (of course if we have something come up I will swap one day for another..but you get the idea) Everything is done in order to be useful for the following week as much as the deep cleaning will happen before I cook, declutter before I deep clean etc) I will be posting these in more detail through out the month and keeping them on my sidebar (just as soon as I reconfigure my template).

(If there is a week 5 in any month I will spend it doing a project/decorating that room)

Monday- Kitchen Day
  • 1st week- Deep Clean (wash outside of cabinets, wipe out insides, clean oven, stovetop, bleach counters, wash floors on hands and knees, etc etc)
  • 2nd week- Bulk cooking
  • 3rd week- Declutter drawers/cabinets
  • 4th week- Organize Fridge/pantry

Tues- Office Day

  • 1st week- Menu Plan/Grocery List for the MONTH (divided by week, store etc)
  • 2nd week- Organize personal files in filing cabinet
  • 3rd week-Organize top of desk/clean out computer inside and out
  • 4th week-Organize school files in filing cabinets/get things ready for the following month

Wed- Laundry/Catch up day/Health Food Store (this day is double ad day so I can get 2 weeks of deals..will go twice a month)
  • 1st week- Kids Sheets/Organize closet and drawers/put away things outgrown into closet tub/inventory any clothes needed for following season, make laundry detergent, fabric softener
  • 2nd week-Our sheets/straighten drawers and closet/put away things seasonally/make a list of things needed for next season.
  • 3rd week- Kids sheets, sewing projects for kids, store to buy clothes for kids if needed
  • 4th week- our sheets, sewing project for us, store to buy clothes for us if needed

Thurs- Errand Day This will be divided by week as well with activities, appts and such.

Fri- Cleaning Day (this day is for deep cleaning rotating rooms in the house as well as a general cleaning of the whole house like vacuuming etc but that is on my daily schedule)

  • 1st week- Bathroom(we do a daily wipe down as well as a weekly cleaning of floors and tub) this includes walls being cleaned, floors on hands and knees, wash shower curtains, rugs, windows, decluttering cabinets, linen closet in hall
  • 2nd week- All Bedrooms Dust, wipe walls, etc etc..basic deep cleaning of rooms
  • 3rd week- Family Room/Dining room/living room Deep clean all surfaces, vacuum couches, dust walls, wash windows, de clutter any surfaces, put things back where they belong
  • 4th week- School room/entry way/porch /dust, sanitize surfaces/bookshelves, vacuum cobwebs/corners, clean windows, prepare new bulletin board for following month, put away supplies for next month, organize work done for month, sweep entry, wash door in entry and floors, sweep porch, cut any plants overgrowing.
Saturday- School Planning/Garden day/Misc

  • 1st week- (depending on pay period)Yard sales, Big Grocery Shopping, ,Car clean out (inside), weed garden, plant new seed or plants, sewing projects..
  • 2nd week- Big Grocery shopping Or Car Wash (outside), weed garden, sewing projects..
  • 3rd week- Clean out car inside, Baking Day
  • 4th week- Car washed outside, School planning, school room decorating (adding bulletin boards, new art projects done and hung)

So this is just a rough draft of how I would like things to go, will get more detailed as I figure it out. I am needing to have things a bit more orderly with my time out of the house for errands and within the house for our new school year.


  1. Wow, you sound so organized, girl! I love being organized and having specific days for things--it makes life SO much easier! God bless your efforts to get organized and stay that way, Amber! :)


  2. Sounds like a great plan!


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