Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Once a Month Cooking Plans Part 1

This weekend I am going to cook a few meals for my freezer to make my week go smoother. Having severe morning sickness(actually all day) has made my days much harder than I expected. I've decided to take one day (sick or not) to prepare some meals ahead of time for my family. My hubby has taken on a lot of the cooking duties and I want to bless him with having things already done....that way he can come home from a hard days work and relax!
Here are my plans so far (I'll share more as I make them later)

**Wednesday- I have my ultrasound this day , so not much will happen except I will bake some muffins for Thurs and Friday's breakfasts. I like to start early and making a mess before I even really start cooking is just counter-productive for me..lol. Muffins, fruit and yogurt will be our breakfast for a few days :)

**Thursday is my day one- shopping day. I go to Trader Joes and grab my meats, organics that can't be found at Walmart and produce. There are a few treats I like there also that I grab...but am going in with a list and sticking to it!! LOL NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Pick up something easy for Dinner this day...we'll do Pizza (store bought, frozen) or TJ's Orange Chicken, YUM!

**Friday- Walmart in the morning, Prepping in the afternoon. I will be chopping all veggies that are needed for my recipes and putting them in the fridge for the next day. I am also going to stick something in the crockpot this day (I think beans) to be prepared and frozen on Saturday. I also am living on fruit, so will cut up my fruit and such and stick into easily accessible containers for me to nosh on throughout the day : )**Another important day to eat something for dinner that is easy, I think we'll do Kosher Hot Dogs and Oven Fries...

**Saturday: Cooking and freezing day! This day I will be making several different meals and sticking them into the freezer, keeping the changing season in mind. Here in So California it heats up really quick and suddenly soup and stews don't sound so good. So I am trying to re-do my menu and think up some good, freezer quality meals. ** This day we will eat something easy also, probably one of the meals already prepared :)

So that is the plan so far. I am looking forward to getting this done so I can relax the rest of my first trimester. Any ideas for meals? They don't even have to be fully cooked...something that is pre-marinated and ready for the grill is always easy also! Anyone wanna join me this weekend? We'll have a blog party and post real-time on Saturday!

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