Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bulk cooking day -Part 2

Today is the day I am going to put my plans to work. Yesterday I was only able to get all of our fruit for the week washed, cut and put into easy to grab bags and containers. I doubt this fruit is going to last us all week, so I am saying that loosely. I didn't however, get any of my other prep work done that I had hoped. I felt well enough to clean, so that took priority over chopping veggies and it really doesn't take much time so I am going to worry about that this morning.

I actually am only going to cook a few things today, due to not feeling that great this morning, but what I am making is going to go a long way this week and the next few.

So far I am making the following:

  1. Roasting a Turkey (this may go into the crockpot if it'll fit because of the heat we are having). This will be for the next week. I am making turkey, spinach, swiss wraps, turkey sandwiches aand turkey soup. We are also going to have a small turkey dinner tonight with HM mac and cheese and veggies.
  2. Boil a bag of chicken breasts. I like to boil these ahead of time and chop them into cubes and freeze into individual meal sized bags. I make lots of things out of chicken breast and having them already cooked gives me the option to throw a quick pasta meal together or some chicken enchiladas , pot pies, or a casserole together during the week...very simple.
  3. Beans- I had planned to have these cooking in the crockpot all day today, but forgot to soak them last night AND I am thinking I want to cook my turkey in those will be done next week ...maybe on Monday? They are very simple to make and I am planning on doubling some of my meals for the next few months to get a nice stash of meals put away. This was done with my last pregnancy and really helped on those days that I just wanted a nap! LOL

So far that is all I am making today....I am kind of playing it by ear today because of my morning sickness, but want to get some things done nonetheless.

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