Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No (sham) poo update..

OK I am having a love/hate relationship right now with shampoo.

I was no poo for about 2-3 months. Once I started getting cheap/free shampoo and conditioner from CVS using coupons, I slowly but surely stopped using vinegar rinses and baking soda and started back to using regular shampoos and conditioner. The result? My hair is gross!! I had so much buildup from the hairspray I have been using and my itchy/flaky/oily scalp started back up with a vengeance. I know part of it is the pregnancy hormones but golly....ugh.

So today I washed my hair and used a vinegar/lavendar/tea tree oil rinse today, and my scalp feels sooooo good. Why did I go back to shampoo you ask? Because I never did get past that greasy hair phase with no poo :( So What to do? I am looking into making my own shampoo sans parabens and sulfates but need to get the ingredients first. Should I just wash like once a week and start all over again? If I use baking soda too much I have very dry and frizzy hair, so I have to be careful. Any experience with this anyone? Point me in the right direction! Are you no-poo and made it through that yucky greasy hair stage? Its summer so I am thinking now is the time to try this again!! This is an ongoing experiment..funny thing is, some older gentlemen stopped me in the grocery store to compliment me on my hair...seriously? LOL

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  1. I've done no shampoo too. It took quite awhile to get used to it. My scalp had never been so healthy plus my natural curl really came out.

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