Monday, April 13, 2009

Question and Answer Post:

I had a question with the last post I did regarding CVS from Laura Lou and since thought It was a great question, I wanted to answer it in a post for anyone else who may be curious :)

Laura Lou said... Not too familiar with this thread since we don't have CVS here, but tell me this: are these all products you used before you starting using the ECB program, or do you now use these products because you can basically get them for free? So curious I am...
There are a few different answers to this question, so I am going to answer them in order of priority :)

  1. I first look up the items I am going to get on the skindeep site to make sure I am not buying anything that is not within my comfort zone as far as chemicals and ingredients. I am ok with using some things that are on a moderate risk level and most on a low risk level. High risk products usually don't get in my cart usually- free or not.
  2. I did use SOME of the products before that I now am fortunate enough to get with coupons ie; diapers, wipes, and certain baby products (had to stop using cloth because of washer machine/dryer issues..sigh). I also use some cleaning products for real messes that my natural cleaners just don't work for. I am a recovering bleach-a-holic though and am slowly weaning myself from commercial cleaners. Also, there are some things that were a luxury to me that I never really bought for myself that I am able to get now for free without feeling guilty for buying!
  3. There are some things I do get just because they are free. I know a few single mothers, single older women, and homeless in my area that could use the products I won't use. Since I am getting them free, or really cheap, and even though I may not use them, I still get them for others. I took a bag full of stuff over to a young, single mom in my family last week that really could use some of the things I had....felt wonderful to provide for her and take the burden of buying some of the things she needed and can now put her money elsewhere, like some extra food or gas.
  4. Getting some of these products for free or close to free is freeing up my budget more for other things, ie; organic foods, free-range meats and the gas it takes me to travel to get those things in another city. I can't afford to buy totally organically for my family in terms of body care or cleaners etc , so this is a good compromise for me. I would love to just afford all things organic, but not an option at this point for us. I DO, however, still make some of our body stuff. Deodorant for myself, which is wayyy better than commercial deodorant (doesnt work for the men in my house though) , baby rash stuff, hair lotion for my children, cleaners and more! I LOVE making my own products and will continue to do so.
I hope that answers your question Laura Lou and if anyone else has any questions regarding couponing or anything else, please feel free to ask!


  1. okay, you are so my kinda mom!! I love it!!

  2. You totally rock!! I love the idea of using the ECB's for people in deep need--what a noble ministry that is!!

    Oh! and I too just don't feel like my house is really clean if I cannot smell at least a li'l bit o' bleach. I blame my grandmother, who used only bleach, ammonia, vinegar, lemons and baking soda to clean her house--but not all at once, of course. :D

  3. Jon uses the bleach at our house. I'm allergic to it. Start wheezing within seconds of the smell. So it only gets used around the kid's toilet cause nothing else kills boy stink.

    I'm always amazed by your savings, Amber. I've never seen a CVS around here, but you always make me want a pack of Mentos. LOL.


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