Friday, February 27, 2009

Handmade Diaper Rash Cream.

I have used all kinds of different rash treatments on my children over the years and they work ok, but I have noticed that most of them have undesirable ingredients and can often sting a red bottom. I also needed to find an alternative to those ointments and creams when I started using cloth diapers on my littlest son because they can cause issues with build up and repelling. I used cornstarch a lot, just the regular stuff you buy in the baking isle, but that was messy and hard to deal with. I also started using straight organic coconut oil, and wow, it works better than any diaper rash product out there! I got to thinking about it and decided to combine the two with a couple other natural ingredients to make a cream.

Here's what you'll need:

A jar or something to hold your cream (this is a freezer jam jar),cornstarch, a caplet of vit E (optional), some coconut oil, tea tree oil (a couple of drops), and a container to mix it in. I use a hand blender but you can use a wisk or something else.

First, you melt some coconut oil(you can add some olive oil as well..but only a little)...I used about a 1/2 cup or so of the coconut oil...melt it in the micro for a little until its melted....doesnt take long at all. Add a tablepoon at a time of cornstarch until you reach something that looks like a glaze or frosting(i think I ended up using 4-5 Tbsps)..YUM! But don't eat it....wont taste that good..although it IS edible. Whip it up really good...and then let cool...whip some more until is totally cooled down, you can add your vitamin E and tea tree oil now (tea tree oil is a great addition for rashes and helps to preserve your cream). If you dont use tea tree oil, use your cream up quickly.

Add it to your container of choice and leave it alone. The coconut oil will reharden and make your cream thicker. Mine sat for a few hours before I tested it. Coconut oil's melting point is at 76 degrees..anything under that and it starts to harden. This will need to be in a cool place during the summer time especially.

This is the lid. It shows you how thick mine has gotten after while:

Have a great weekend!


  1. So cool!! Making me wish for another little one just so I can make some, too. :D

  2. How cool! Now you post this! LOL

  3. It looks like it's just the right consistancy to rub on a sore bottom. Great Job Amber, I cannot wait to try it.

    Where would I be able to find coconut oil? I have everthing else.

    Also you mentioned cloth diapers. Do you know if this can be used with cloth diapering? I always use a fleece liner when using diaper rash creams. If you don't know it's ok, I can experiment LOL!

  4. Christy, I dont think it would be a problem with cloth since its a natural oil. You can always strip your diapers once in a while with dawn to remove any oil residue that is left behind once in a while or use the liner JIC.

    OH and I get my coconut oil from Walmart. I know not all of them have it though. You can order it online from tropical traditions or even Vitacost. If you need any more help finding some let me know!


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