Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Friday.....Tips on Buying Organics Part 2

I don't have alot of time to blog today because I am in the middle of throwing out everything in my cabinet and fridge that contains anything high fructose corn syrup (some products have recently been tested positive for mercury), trans fats, peanut butter (not taking any chances) except for the Laura scudders one we have been eating, and anything that is just plain not healthy. I am also menu planning and getting my grocery list together for tomorrow. I am planning on on cooking/making food from organic, local and all natural ingredients next week....but the catch is that I have to do it on a budget. Thank goodness I have Trader Joes and an awesome Walmart that carries lots of organics! I also have about $20.00 worth of organic coupons I will be using for various things and will base my menu off whatever I can find frugally and made- from -scratch.

I do want to share part 2 of my series on Buying Organics quickly though. If you missed part 1 you can find it here.

There are some things that I consider a must when buying organic and don't compromise. If I can't get them organically, then I just don't buy them.

Here are the veggies I buy on a regular basis:

Russet Potatoes- I hope to start growing these, but for now I can get a 5lb bag of them and make them stretch for about a week. We LOVE potatoes so this is one of my more expensive purchases, but since we eat the skin, I choose organic. (not to mention the ones grown in soil with pesticides will have them inside as well as on the skin)

Sweet Potatoes- I just started buying these recently more often. They are a great low-glycemic choice for dinners and are just plain yummy. I buy organic for the same reason I do above with regular potatoes.

Salad greens-
I have notived a big taste difference between organic and non-organic and let me tell you its VERY noticable when you have had one over the other. I can usually get coupons for Organic Romaine and it comes out MUCH cheaper than conventional salad mixes/romaine hearts. If I dont have coupons the cost is only about $2.00 for a bag of 3 romaine hearts, which last us about 3 meals (for small dinner salads, or a large lunch salads for me and my children during the week)

Some other veggies that I buy that I like to be organic are tomatoes (although thanks to my garden I haven't bought these since this past summer! We just finished the last of them last week), celery, onions, garlic, bell peppers, and carrots. I don't buy these all at once and some are bought occasionally because we dont use much of it(onions and garlic are cheap..1.69 for 3 at Trader Joes and i only need one package a month). I also buy whatever organic veggies I can, frozen. Some I buy often are corn, green beans and broccoli.

I do still have to buy some things that are non-organic due to budget, but I just wash them in an apple cider vinegar wash and then peel the skin. That isnt very often but whenever I need to buy them I just do all that I can to make them healthier. I also don't like canned veggies, but do try and keep a good stock of them in my cabinet for leaner times or emergencies. I have yet to buy organic canned veggies though and will be looking into the cost of them. I prefer though that my budget be used for fresh.

Next time I will share my tips on buying organic fruit......Do you have any good tips for buying organic? Please share your experience!

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