Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on being Shampoo-less

So I am ok with it so far. Just ok. I have being using Conditioner every other day though. I have VERY wavy and long hair in lots of layers and my hair was and is still get knotted up. I'm not sure if its just because I need a cut (its been at least 6 months since my last hair cut) or if its the vinegar rinse? This week I am going to try and remember to brush my hair before I take a shower also....I think that makes a big difference. I am usually rushing to GET a its been hard to remember that little detail.

This is an on-going I'll update every so often.

Who else is going no-poo with me? Leave me a comment so I am not alone in this


  1. I am! But you already knew that! LOL I haven't been blogging much about anything lately though.

    Anyhow I am actually adjusting very well. I only need to wash my hair every few days. And the ACV makes my hair feel like it has been conditioned. If I come across any information that might be helpful I'll pass it to ya. ;)


  2. I've been wanting to ask how this was going so I'm glad you posted about it. Let us know if brushing first helps. I have to brush mine first even with regular shampoo/conditioner or it's tangled when I get out of the shower!

  3. You have peaked my curiosity...I picked up an extra box of baking soda for me to try to no-poo I begin tomorrow. I'll give you an update. Oh and I love love your blog. Great ideas. I have always wanted to make my own soap, now I not so timid to try. Awesome and I'll take all the help you can give.


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