Monday, April 28, 2008

Melt and Pour Soap- Lavender- Orange

I made my first batch of soap last week. Rather than making it from scratch using oils and lye, I used a melt and pour base..the ingredients were safe and I added my own twist to it :-)
Here's what a pound of melt and pour looks's solid, but you melt it down to make your soap..

Here's unrefined, unprocessed cocoa and shea butters:

I also added some Vit E from these caplets:

I used Orange Essential Oil but added a little Lavender at the last minute:
This is what I used as a mold for the didn't make a very pretty soap...but was functional ;)
So the first steps are melting your melt and pour base and your butters (I used a few tbsps for a 1LB of melt and pour..which wayyy too much :-D Use 1tbsp of any extra oil or butters for 1lb of melt and pour:

Add the melted butters to the melt and pour and combine..then let cool a bit before adding in your EO's....
Then pour into your mold...
This is the end result after it had cooled for a couple of hours...You can use it curing involved :-)

I can't wait to try lye soap seems to produce a creamier soap..this is more of a clear, glyceriny type of soap...I have been using it on my body and face all week and enjoy having one more thing that I can make myself :)
Happy Soap making!

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  1. You can get melts like that at Michaels, I think. What are the ingredients in the melts? The Dr. Bronner's soap didn't bother me but the goat soap I bought at the farmer's market did. I'm thinking it HAS to be the Essential Oils??


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