Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been sharing a car with my hubby for the last week due to the brakes on my car going crazy (dont know whats wrong with them!) and haven't been to CVS or Walgreens for about 2 weeks! Boy did I make up for it today ;)

I had a plan. IN and OUT in 20 mins...each store. I also wanted to hit up Target.
I had 3 and 1/2 hours before I had to get to an I was on a mission! Not only did I have 3 children with me, we went during the littlest ones nap time. I filled them up on non-healthy, but yummy Jack in The Box and bribed told them that if they were good, Mommy would get them a treat (I knew I was getting Mentos Gum for cheap, and gum is a luxury my children don't get to indulge in often ;) Thankfully, my toddler was not too cranky in the first two stores and slept in his stroller the whole time in Target.

Today I am going to share my trip to Walgreens. This is only my second or third run to Walgreens and I am VERY pleased with how things work there. Especially since they seem to have lots of store coupons.

Scott Tissue:
In ad coupon was 2/$5
- $1.00 (2)
total OOP- 2/$3.00

In ad Q for 2/$1
total OOP- $1.00

Reynolds wrap:
In ad Q for .89 (bought 3)
-1.00 MFQ (had 3)
Total OOP- OVERAGE .33

in ad Q for 1.39
-1.00 MFQ off 1
Total OOP- .39

Buy 2 for $11 (get back $5.50 in register rewards for your next purchase)
-2.00 MFQ's (had 2)
Total OOP- $7.00 (got back $ only $1.50 for both)

$4.49 each ( 1.00 ESR rebate each back by mail also)
- B1G1 free MFQ
- (2) $2.00 off MFQ's
Total oop- $.49 for two however these will be overage with my ESR)
**(I didn't know with Walgreens that you can only have one Q per they had to manually put through the b1g1 coupon. Next time I will give them the b1g1 first and then one other MFQ so there is no confusion. The manager was very nice though :D)

Finally were some hair ties for my dd on clearance for .40!

Total OOP was about $10.00 for everything(including tax). I would have spent that the Listerine! Whats great is that I have $5.50 in RR to spend next week along with $2.00 in rebates coming :)

Oh and to top it off, I had these awaiting me in my garden....I decided to cut a few and enjoy them inside the house :)

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  1. It is soooo hard to shop with a bunch of kids. I usually spend more and end up more fustrated than I normally would. I've found there's just one of my children that I really don't want to take and he really doesn't want to go. That is my middle 8yo boy. He hates shopping, so I put the littlest one in a car buggy and the oldest daughter helps me pick things up and all goes well. :)


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