Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CVS Trip...

I am a little disappointed in myself right now, but I'll get over it. I let the cashier hand me back a coupon that I should have used! As I was going to post this I went over my receipts because I knew that my total was more than I had figured out at home, but in the midst of my transaction I let myself be confused..lol. I am a newbie at this CVS game so I will allow it this time ;p

Ok so besides that I really came home with a lot and only spent a little cash along with my extra care bucks. This is what I got:

1st Transaction:
2 boxes of Fiber one cereal and nature valley granola bars- 3/$10 (limit 1)
coupons :
- 1.00/1 Fiber one cereal

- .50/1 Fiber one cereal
Get back $5.00 in ECB's
= 3 boxes for $3.50

(this would have been better if I would have had another 1.00 off Q but about a 1.16 per box is great.)

2nd transaction:

(there is a better deal going on at Walgreens, and I will hit that later this week, but I needed diapers now and was going to CVS anyways...but $3.99 for diapers is still crazy cheap!)
1 pk Huggies diapers @ 8.99 (limit 3)
- 5.00 internet printable found here (you should be able to print these twice per computer)
= $3.99 oop

Crest prohealth mouth wash @ 2.99 (get back $2.00 in ECB's) (limit 1)
- .75 cent coupon
= .24 cent total

Palmolive Dishsoap @1.49 (get back $1.00 in ECB's) (limit 2)
= .49 total

Herbal Essences hydralicious shampoo & cond @ 2.88 (get back $1 ECB's per bottle) (limit 5)

I bought 4 @ 2.88 = $11.52
- $3 off 2 (I had 2 coupons but she gave me one back and said I didnt buy that many, but I did...grrrr)
get back $4.00 in ECB's
= 4 bottles for $4.52 (should have been $1.52)

Vaseline body lotion @ 3.69 (get back $2.00 in ECB's)
- 1.oo off coupon
= .69 for one

Garnier Fructis @ 3/$10 (I bought mousse, 2 hairsprays) (get back $5.00 ECB's)
- 3 (1.00 off Q's)
= $2.00 for 3 bottles or about .67 cents each

Lumene Face wipes: 2 @ 2.99 each BUT they are buy one get 1 50% off this week so it was really $4.50 for both (spend $20 get back $5.00 ECB)
I had 2 $4.00 off Q's (these are printables)- cashier adjusted them both down and only took off $6.00. I ended up with $1.50 overage on this anyways!

My total out of pocket was:
$17 in ECB's
$6.98 in cash
and I brought home $14 in ECB's to roll over in my next shopping trip! (so total out of pocket was $9.98 for everything!) Not bad for my second major trip but I will make sure I am less careless with the coupons!!


  1. WOW - That is awesome!
    Where do you find those coupons?!?!


  2. Most of the coupons are found in the Sunday paper! I also print some online and am on the lookout where I am! LOL
    As far as the Extra Care Bucks, those are printed after you buy the product that was advertised in the flyer. It'll say "buy a certain amount of this and get this many extra care bucks" or something like that. Let me know if that answers your question!

  3. $3.99 for diapers was crazy cheap even back when we purchased them YEARS ago! Awesome!!


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