Thursday, February 19, 2009

CVS trip

Today was my second trip to CVS doing the coupon, extra care bucks thing and let me tell you, it was a rush! LOL I LOVE a good deal!! I had already done one deal where I spent some money out of pocket. ( a lot because I didn't really pay attention closely to what I was doing) Anyways, I went today with no children in tow and a very detailed plan of action. I had a few different scenarios that I was holding to and it took me about an hour at the actual store but I walked out with a hefty amount of stuff and it took VERY LITTLE out of my pocket this time.
So I started with $10 of extra care bucks from a deal a couple of weeks ago and all that is what I got.
All of this cost me $4.72 out of pocket. Crazy. (I did about 4 transactions, if anyone is interested I can list them out in another post.)

You can go here to find out how to do the CVS coupon thing. (where i first learned about this).


  1. I would love to learn more about this kinda thing.
    I love your blog it's inspiring.

  2. Wow, Amber, great job! I love CVS. :)


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