Friday, January 2, 2009

Taking inventory to save on your budget.

For those who would like to join, I'm issuing a challenge for January but there will be a few parts. The first part is to take an inventory of everything you normally buy in your home, food or other products, and have it either in a spreadsheet or print out inventory sheets from somewhere like here. I'd like to have mine finished by next Saturday but you can go at your own pace. Try and use grocery receipts, look directly in your pantry and fridge, or just from memory. Get all your things down on paper so you can physically see what you are purchasing for you home. Try including things like soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. You do not need to post your list, this is just for your own record , but please let me know if you are participating.
I think by doing this first, it will help you to see a broader view of your budget. You will be able to see what coupons can save you money, which products you can switch to organically but also inexpensively, which things you can cut back on, and eventually make your shopping lists and trips alot faster but yet save money!

That's it for this part but in the meantime start collecting coupons for everything for the next part of this challenge.

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