Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Links for childrens coupons.

I am still working on taking inventory of everything I have and buy...may take longer than I expected but that's'll be the only time I have to go through my cabinets and then I can just use my grocery receipts after to add the new things to my inventory. I'm also in the process of doing my monthly menu for January and trying to see if its possible to eat mostly organic/whole foods this month using coupons and strategically using certain cuts of expensive meat for more than one meal. Here are some more coupons I have found while doing a search for the basic things I buy but trying to change to organic/natural instead.

Sign up here for Coupons on Apple and Eve juices.

Sign up here for Earth's best organics baby and toddler foods.

Here's a link for Knudsens sensible sippers.

You need to check the websites to see if the stores carry these products. Our super Walmart and Super Targets seem to carry alot of organics now and I will let you know if I am able to find the ones I mentioned here. (I know earth's best will be available, not sure of the others). I also shop at another store for my meats and they have a variety of different brands as well.

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